Shaping Our Future Clinical Services

Ensuring our services are fit for purpose and continue to meet the needs of the populations we serve


As the population of Cardiff and the Vale continues to grow, it becomes more important that the Health Board develops new models of care that are person centric and empower people to responsibly manage their own health.

Shaping Our Future Clinical Services looks to develop new service models that integrate care and deliver outcomes that are significant to the individual. We will do this by listening to what matters most to the populations we serve.

As part of our ambition to improve health outcomes and reduce health inequalities, all our programmes need to include prevention and early intervention.

As we look to the future of our health care system, the need for change is not an option but a necessity. The traditional model of hospital-centric health care is unsustainable.

Help us shape our future clinical services by giving us your thoughts today.

Paediatric Services Redesign

Ends: 7 July

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