Our Vision

Our vision for transformation and improvement at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board is simple; a person’s chance of leading a healthy life should be the same, no matter who they are.


To make this happen, we need to improve our current health system to ensure that it is sustainable for the future. Our strategy for achieving this is Shaping Our Future Wellbeing, a 10 year, system-wide plan that is set to transform our services for the better.

We want to achieve joined-up care based upon a ‘home first’ approach, empowering Cardiff and Vale citizens to feel responsible for their own health. We want to avoid harm, waste and variation in our services to make them more efficient and sustainable for the future. We want to deliver outcomes that really matter to patients and the public, ensuring that we all work together to create a health system that we’re proud of.

There will be challenges along the way; we need to take a balanced approach to achieving change for our population based upon service priorities, sustainability and cultural values. But we’re committed to ‘Caring for People, Keeping People Well’, ensuring that Cardiff and Vale University Health Board and its many citizens thrive not just today, but for the many years to come.

You can read our 10-year transformation and improvement strategy, Shaping Our Future Wellbeing, by clicking on the image below.

SOFW cover.PNG

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