We recently caught up with our colleagues in the Waste department and asked them several questions about what happens to the waste throughout all of our hospital sites.

Do we send any waste to landfill?

We pride ourselves on not sending any waste to landfill.  For many years the Health Board has ceased from committing waste to landfill, the domestic waste generated is still being diverted to Cardiff Energy Recovery Facility (ERF).  The ERF generates around 686kWh of energy per tonne, based on the waste from the Health Board the ERF plant has generated around 757,344kWh per annum.  With the average home consuming 3731kWh per year, based on the Health Board’s input to the ERF, the energy generated would be enough to power 203 homes!

How many people do we employ to manage our site?

The waste team consists of 33 people, 27 of which are frontline staff.  The waste department is open every weekday from 7am-7pm, with it closing at 3pm on weekends. 

How do we deal with plastic clinical waste?

See below this Stericycle infographic for more info…


What new initiatives are you looking to implement?

We are constantly looking to review and implement new initiatives and welcome any new ideas.  We are currently reviewing Warpit, an initiative to see the potential reuse of our no longer needed bulky furniture items by other public sector bodies.  We also hope to look into reusable sharps boxes soon.

What one thing would you suggest colleagues do?

We would love it if staff, patients and visitors could all segregate their waste as much as possible, and when they do, ensure it is deposited in the correct receptacle.