Capital Estates and Planning

Capital Estates and Planning are the custodians of the Health Board’s Environmental Management Systems (EMS) (ISO14001), accredited by British Standards Institution.  The EMS supports those legislative and internal environmental aspirations/expectations set against the organisation. 

The established system is structured to help the organisation and numerous staff members and its working partners, created to ensure that any activity undertaken carries with it a minimal environmental impact.  The system is designed to ensure that regardless of the activity anyone and anything that comes on to or leaves any Health Board site, does so in a controlled and safe manner.

Re:fit Programme

Cardiff and Vale University Health Board is one of the largest NHS organisations in the UK and has always recognised the need to take action to reduce its energy use and environmental impact. The estate is made up of two acute hospitals, four smaller community hospitals, and over 40 Healthcare clinics, premises, offices and residential properties.

The Health Board is working in partnership with Vital Energi through the Re:fit Programme to deliver significant energy, carbon and cost reductions and to help support and deliver the Welsh Government’s decarbonisation strategy and targets.

To realise immediate energy and carbon savings the Re:fit project was split into a number of phases. The first phase of the project, which commenced in March 2020, was to deliver a selection of non-complex energy conservation measures which included:

  • Nearly 7,000 lights replaced with LED including emergency light fittings and smart controls.
  • Over 100 replacement fans, replacing existing less efficient fan motors, belts and fan assemblies in Air Handing Units.
  • Pipework insulation and other miscellaneous schemes.
  • The annual estimated carbon emission reduction and energy cost savings are 700 tonnes and £300k – £350k per annum respectively. Furthermore, the measures have also improved environmental comfort conditions in a range of areas and the infrastructure of the Estate.

The second phase of works covers more complex Energy Conservation Measures including:

  • Building management systems upgrades and optimisation.
  • Significant LED lighting replacement programme with smart controls where appropriate.
  • Additional fan replacement programme, replacing fan motors, belts and fan assemblies in a range of air handling units.
  • Complete refurbishment of the University Hospital Llandough Energy Centre.
  • Major roof mounted solar PV scheme.

This phase is currently in the final stages of development in preparation for the Funding Application submission. These works will again improve environmental conditions and the infrastructure of the Estate.

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Cardiff & Vale University Health Board is an active entity continually improving. As a health board, we aim to exceed our responsibilities by delivering more than healthcare.  We are always striving to be better. By continuing to make a difference not just for today, we hope to leave a lasting example for future generations to follow.

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