Nitrous Oxide

The Healthcare Without Harm Report showed 5.6% of UK emissions are from healthcare and NHS Wales Decarbonisation plan includes anaesthetic gases reduction.

Did you know that Nitrous Oxide has 265 x the global warming potential of CO2? 

As a result, a project was completed earlier in the year and presented at the Green Health Wales Conference by Amarantha Fennell-Wells which queried the supply of nitrous oxide vs use resulting in the possibility of ‘leaks’ or loss of this gas from the manifold supply. 

Taking these project findings forward, a group has been established to explore how nitrous oxide can be delivered via small cylinders and eliminate the use of the manifold system.

 The Multi-disciplinary project group includes Estates, Anaesthetic Support, Pharmacy, Anaesthetists, ODPs, Nursing staff, Health & Safety and Shared Services.

Following attendance at the Spread & Scale Academy in October a plan was developed to undertake a prototype during November/December on the use of cylinders in Children’s Hospital for Wales and following this evaluation then this will roll out to all areas in the Children’s Hospital with a plan to take the cylinder model across the Health Board.

The group is linking in with Welsh Government and across Wales with other clinicians also reporting results of this project.

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