Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Health Board effectively manage their heating?

The Health Board has been successful in bidding for over £1m from Welsh Government to address carbon emission reduction projects. One project that will benefit from this funding is the installation of new management controls around the boilers at UHW. This will improve efficiency. It won’t however have a direct effect on room temperature. If you experience your room or area being too hot or too cold. Firstly, consider whether there is any electrical equipment in the vicinity having unintended consequences, such as IT and other electrical equipment concentrated in a small area, perhaps affecting the nearby thermostat, which in turn could be making an adjacent area too cold. If you have eliminated these sorts of problems, then raise a maintenance ticket at: on the CAV intranet.

Does the Health Board buy 100% green electricity?

All electricity that Cardiff and Vale University Health Board purchases is green. We also generate our own electricity at UHL and UHW through solar panels. There are also plans to increase solar panel coverage too.

Do sensor activated lights save on electricity throughout the Health Board?

Whilst we do have sensor activated lights in some parts of our estate, especially in the newer buildings, they aren’t necessarily suitable. We ask that if you see a light on that doesn’t need to be, to please switch it off.

Does the Health Board have modern LED lighting?

We recently replaced over 7,000 lights with energy efficient LED bulbs last year. We’re not finished and have an equally ambitious project taking place this year as well, so watch this space!

What do I do if the tap in my department is dripping wasting water?

You can raise a maintenance ticket at:

We are encouraging more people to travel to our sites by bike by having areas where bikes can be locked, and for people to be able to take a shower.

We provide some bike locking and showers across our sites. A new facility to lock bikes recently opened at the Cystic Fibrosis unit at UHL, which was kindly funded by the Cardiff & Vale Health Charity. Showers have also been made available in Ty Dewi Saint at UHW and members of the Sports & Social Club also have access to showers. We are continuing to consider options for improvements.

Does Cardiff and Vale UHB promote the use of electric vehicles and fleet cars?

By 2025, Welsh Government is mandating all new cars will have to be ultra-low emission. At end of life, the transition will be made. We have electric vehicle charging points in Woodland House and are currently assessing how we could install them at UHL and UHW.

Does Cardiff and Vale UHB have its own fleet of bikes?

In order to maintain and increase a sustainable travel approach, there still exists three-way collaboration between Nextbike, CAVUHB and Cardiff Council. This relationship has seen the introduction of, to date, three next bike stations within the Health Board. There are two stations at UHW, 1 sited by the UHL and the other sited by Cardiff University with a total of 21 racks available. The remaining station is sited at Woodland House, the Health Board’s headquarters with 14 racks available. There are currently 100 stations in Cardiff and 1030 standard bikes available throughout the city. The scheme has moved forward, accommodating the trend towards E-bikes, with there now being 50 available in and around Penarth. From the network of stations that exist visitors to Cardiff can travel through the city with relative ease. The scheme has recently been introduced in the Vale of Glamorgan and, working with Vale of Glamorgan Council (VoGC), a station for electric Nextbikes has been located at University Hospital Llandough. 2019 saw an initiative towards helping individuals cycle their way to a healthier lifestyle, with GPs being able to prescribe patients with a 6-month Nextbike membership.

Does the Health Board use recycled paper?

Each department has the opportunity when purchasing paper to choose the recycled option.

What do I do if I don’t have a food caddy/recycling station for my area/department?

Please raise a maintenance request at:

Why does my take-away lunch from the Aroma Café have to be in a polystyrene container?

We want people to enjoy the food we sell so you consume it hot, and if you do take it to your desk away from an outlet, stop you being burnt when carrying it. There are alternative containers that could be used, but the cost of them is high which would potentially get passed on to the customer. We are continuing to look into potential improvements in this area.

In each of the hospital sites, why don’t we have meat free days, where no meat is sold for example ‘Meat Free Mondays’?

We provide food for people to enjoy and given the 18 months we’ve had the comfort of eating a good meal cannot be underestimated. At the moment, we don’t believe that this exclusion is what the majority of people want. That said, we are thinking about the food we offer all the time and it could be considered in the future.

Why don’t Cardiff and Vale UHB stop outlets in their hospital premises from selling plastic bottles of water, fizzy drinks, and energy drinks?

Cardiff and Vale UHB try to sell 75% of its food/drink as a healthy option. In our own-run outlets, you will no longer find unhealthy fizzy drinks. We recognise however that some comfort food is enjoyed by people from time to time so offer that also. We cannot currently control what other retailers sell in their outlets on our sites, but are looking into options to improve the situation. Our café areas have places where plastic can be disposed of for recycling.

Is the Health Board looking to go paperless?

We have a digital strategy and are actively deploying digital solutions to not only reduce our use of paper, but also to improve the productivity of our colleagues and the outcomes for our patients. There is much to do so investments will be made over the long term.

Is too much plastic being used in Healthcare?

This has been recognised by Cardiff and Vale UHB, in addition to NHS Wales. The NHS Wales Decarbonisation Strategic Delivery Plan states that our procurement colleagues will be working with industry to move to more reusable products as well as reducing unnecessary packaging. We hope to be able to trial some approaches this year. There are also some pockets of good practice developed within the Health Board, such as in dermatology and cataracts surgery.

Where can I find better support on what can be recycled, reused, and reduced?

Some of our colleagues have been following the SusQI model of quality improvement, advocated by the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare. They provide toolkits to help people who wish to undertake activity with a view to becoming more sustainable. Visit the website for more info -

As PPE causes so much waste, should we revisit the way in which we use it?

We realise this is a concern for many people and for some items of PPE like gloves, no good reusable options exist. We are hoping to be able to pilot a re-usable item or items we can safely use, have the ability to clean and have the ability to store. We note that colleagues in dermatology are using reusable, washable scrub caps.

Is Cardiff and Vale University Health Board encouraging more people to work from home?

Where operationally feasible, people are doing so. Around 2,500 laptops were issued over the last year and the overwhelming majority are being used on a very regular basis.

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Cardiff & Vale University Health Board is an active entity continually improving. As a health board, we aim to exceed our responsibilities by delivering more than healthcare.  We are always striving to be better. By continuing to make a difference not just for today, we hope to leave a lasting example for future generations to follow.

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