Meet Wyn

Wyn enjoys being active and meeting up with all of his friends… but a fall last year has brought big changes to his lifestyle and has affected his sense of independence.

Wyn - Our CAV Characters

Born and raised in Cardiff, Wyn knows the streets of Wales’ capital city like the back of his hand. He lost his wife to ill health five years ago and two out of his three grown-up children emigrated many years ago, so Wyn mostly relies upon his friends and his daughter who has remained local for support.

Last year, Wyn had a bad fall whilst stepping off the bus and was in hospital for two months. His mobility has been badly affected since then, which has made him feel less self-sufficient.

How Shaping Our Future Wellbeing is transforming Wyn’s Care​


Front line staff from across healthcare, the third sector and Wyn’s local authority are forming an alliance to ensure that robust measures are in place to better prevent falls for vulnerable people like Wyn. The alliance is looking to create a more joined-up care pathway for falls patients through shared expertise.

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