Meet Sam

Sam is really good at finding the best gaming reviews on the internet but he’s not as interested in eating healthily. He has autism, which means he needs a bit more support in maintaining his health.

Sam - Shaping Our Future Wellbeing - Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

Sam lives in Barry with his mum, stepdad and older stepsister, Mared. When at home, his favourite thing in the world to do is to watch reviews on YouTube (especially when they’re about his other favourite thing in the world, games) and he spends a lot of time on the TV or iPad with some snacks. His sedentary lifestyle puts him at risk from weight-related diseases as he grows, which is a concern to his parents.

Sam’s a happy boy, but doesn’t like to deviate from his usual routines. He often finds it difficult to communicate to his family and carers when he’s unwell and doesn’t like too much contact.

How Shaping Our Future Wellbeing is transforming Sam’s care


Sam’s school uses Show Me Where, a Cardiff and Vale innovation that allows patients to communicate where they feel pain without having to speak. Sam’s parents downloaded the app for their iPad at home so that Sam feels comfortable to share when he’s feeling discomfort. It makes explaining symptoms to Dr. Ullah, their local GP, much easier!

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