Meet Cerys

Cerys loves long distance running, gritty crime dramas… and not having to go to the hospital to get her bi-annual Denosumab injection.

Cerys -Shaping Our Future Wellbeing - Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

With two teenage sons, an oversized Dachshund and a very busy full-time role as a library supervisor, Cerys is a woman who’s always on the go. 
She’s had generally good health all of her life until she was diagnosed with osteoporosis at the age of 50, and now has bi-annual Denosumab injections to reduce the risk of broken bones. Her day is rarely 9-5 and getting time off work to go to appointments isn’t always straightforward.

How Shaping Our Future Wellbeing is transforming Cerys' care


Cerys is now able to administer her own Denosumab injection at home thus reducing her visits to the clinic from every 6 months to every 3 years. She doesn’t have to use her annual leave for appointments anymore, which frees up time to spend with her boys (and Betsi the Dachshund, of course!).

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