Joint Research Office

Cardiff University and Cardiff and Vale University Health Board are working together to establish a single combined research service for human research studies.

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About the Joint Research Office

This new single service promises to significantly improve research and development activity across the two organisations benefiting patients and clinical research now and in the future.

There has been a long-standing mutually beneficial partnership between Cardiff University and Cardiff and Vale University Health Board. This is an opportunity to formalise those relationships to enable us to deliver a joint ambition to become world-leading within the areas of medical and healthcare education, clinical and biomedical life sciences research, and clinical innovation.

The rationale and impetus for creating a single research service is founded upon the opportunities and advantages presented of a combined service. Modern research involving human subjects and patients is a major component of our current portfolio. The dominant model of clinical research in the UK necessitates close working between academic institutions and healthcare providers, with complex arrangements for researchers’ contractual status, research governance and ethics, funding and financial governance.

We are proud of the reputation of both institutions, their research facilities and studies locally, across Wales and globally.

We believe a Joint Research Office with an integrated team of staff working to the benefit of both organisations is the best option for us to support the further advancement of human health research and will positively impact upon patient outcomes now and in the future. Read more about our aims and shared priorities.

Our vision

To create an environment where we are able to improve the health and well-being of the people in Wales and beyond, through research excellence.

Our mission

To provide a collaborative and responsive research and development service which will encourage, support and deliver high quality and high impact research. To secure improvements in clinical setting in order to improve patient outcomes and secure optimal provision of health and clinical services in the broader social environment.

Human Health

The scope of research supported by the Joint Research Office will be “Human Health”, i.e. the primary purpose and outcome of the research is to understand, protect or promote improvements in human health.

This includes:

  • all CAVUHB research, both sponsored and hosted studies, commercial and non-commercial research.
  • all research undertaken by the Schools of Dentistry, Healthcare and Medicine
  • NHS facing research undertaken in all other Cardiff University schools.

Further explanation and information to support this scope of research can be found in The UK Policy Framework for Health and Social Care Research, and on the Health Research Authority website.

The joint Research and Development Strategy Group contributed to the creation of a checklist that can be used to assist researchers and professional services staff to direct their enquiries. This will be further developed in time for the launch of the Joint Research Office next year.

The Research Pathway

The Joint Research Office will support researchers throughout the Research Pathway, from idea to impact. The core research support services will include:

  • Funding Development
  • Study development
  • Planning Engagement and Impact
  • Grant Application support
  • Governance and Sponsorship
  • Feasibility and Risk Assessment
    • Costings and Contracts
    • Capability and Capacity
    • Data and Tissue Management
    • Health and Safety monitoring
    • Study reporting and closure
    • Advice, Information and Training


    Allison Hanbury

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    Joint Research Office

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