Cardiff and Vale University Health Board is redesigning pathways to care with the help of front line staff from across partner organisations, each one dedicated to meeting the needs of patients above all else.
About Alliancing
Alliancing seeks to improve patient experience by changing the conversations around care in the community and breaking down organisational barriers. Featuring representatives from primary care, secondary care, community resource teams, the third sector, local authorities and the Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust, the aim is for an Alliance approach to become the mechanism by which clinicians determine the development of services across the health system.

Crucially, the representatives tasked with creating a more joined-up journey to better health are from the front line of care. Guided by the principle that they’re there to represent a clinical or specialist perspective rather than their organisation or department, the group leaves their ‘baggage’ at the door to put all of their focus into the best outcome for the patient. Each alliance will be guided by data intelligence and community design workshops with the general public, ensuring creative thinking supported by evidence.

The Pilot Scheme

Cardiff and Vale University Health Board has been awarded funding by The Health Foundation as part of its Innovating for Improvement programme. Selected as one of just twenty three successful proposals, the Alliancing project will receive £73,300 to support the implementation and evaluation of its pilot, which centres around Community Falls Prevention.

Falls are a major contributor to hospital admissions; approximately 500 people aged 65 and over attend EU at Cardiff and Vale UHB each month due to a fall. Over a third of people aged over 65 and a quarter of those over 85 will fall every year, so it’s important to ensure that preventative services are robust, effective and reliant upon the whole community, not just health.

The Health Foundation
“We want to change the conversation around patient care to develop partnership working amongst front line staff and remove operational silos that can slow down progress. In removing those barriers, all focus can be placed firmly on the patient and their needs.”

Ruth Jordan
Head of Continuous Service Improvement

Latest News

On  25th March 2019, the first Alliance came together to discuss the best way to develop and improve services in the community, focusing specifically upon falls. 

Covering topics including new ways of working, key messaging and sustainable working for the future, the multi-discipline grouping entered the room as subject matter experts rather than as employees of their organisations in order to focus their thinking solely on the patient. 

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