Consultant Clinical Prevention Champions (CCPCs)

Promoting prevention is the responsibility of every health professional in secondary care, not just public health and primary care – the CCPCs are leading the charge.

About the CCPCs

Every patient contact in secondary care is a chance to encourage, advise and motivate patients to improve their health. On leaving hospital every patient should be better informed and better motivated to become healthier.

Motivated by the success of a violence prevention programme which he developed and led, a maxillofacial surgeon at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board proposed that consultants in other specialties should lead prevention of conditions suffered by their patients

The UHB medical director, realising that prevention was not fully embedded in UHB care, took this proposal to UHB clinical directors who invited consultants in their service areas to express interest in these new prevention leadership roles, termed Consultant Clinical Prevention Champions (CCPCs).

In parallel, a new strategy was developed to communicate to all patients, staff and visitors that UHB, in line with its strategy to keep people well, is as much committed to prevention as it is to treatment

Transformation in Action

Eight UHB consultants immediately expressed interest in these new prevention leadership roles: in orthopaedic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, dermatology, medicine, haematology, gastroenterology and emergency medicine.

In a series of workshops chaired by a public health consultant, the prevention interests of prospective CCPCs were identified, together with the health risks to be addressed, how collaboration across diverse specialties would be achieved, and how prevention should first be promoted.

Applying the longstanding arrangements for the consultant lead for violence prevention in the county, UHB clinical directors incorporated the new prevention responsibility into the job plans of CCPCs based in their service areas.

Read more about the importance of increasing activity to prevent health issues in  Moving Forwards: Move More, More Often, the first Annual Report of the Executive Director of Public Health for Cardiff and Vale.

“Motivated health professionals, especially if they set a good example themselves, are effective agents for better health and wellbeing.”

Professor Jonathan Shepherd
Maxillofacial surgeon

Consultant Clinical Prevention ChampionsMeet our
Consultant Clinical
Prevention Champions

Rachel Abbott

Consultant Dermatologist

Sun safety 

Skin Cancer Prevention Review to be published. Survey on sun safety had 6,480 respondents. Lobbying Welsh Government to increase sun bed legislation.


Dermatology staff now trained to discuss smoking cessation with patients. Referrals to the cessation service have since tripled. 

Brijesh Srivastava

Consultant Hepatologist  

Alcohol Awareness

Engagement and promotion work around alcohol awareness week, plus a British Liver Trust “Love your Liver” event with a mobile fibro-scanner unit.

Dry January

Work to promote Dry January, including an event.

Sunil Dolwani

Consultant Gastroenterologist

Diet and Activity Engagement Work

Recognising that over 50% of cancer is preventable, the focus is on improving diet and activity.

Motivational Interviewing

Plans developed to train endoscopy staff and screening practitioners in motivational interviewing.

James Dunn

Consultant Emergency Physician

Violence Prevention 

The violence prevention multidisciplinary team includes Cardiff County Council, South Wales Police, UHB and third sector (street pastors) partners

The ‘Cardiff Model’ 

Violence related emergency department attendances down from 80/week to 35/week. This “Cardiff Model” has been scaled up across the UK and in cities overseas.

Dev Datta

Consultant in Metabolic Medicine

Alun John

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Counterweight Programme

Development of plans to promote and evaluate a very low-calorie diet as an option for weight management in pre-op hip replacement patients. 10 staff are now trained to support this Counterweight Programme.


Ceri Bygrave

Consultant Haemotologist

Promotion of Stair Use

Working with UHB Charity and Public Health Team to promote and evaluate stair use.

New Walking Routes

Walking routes are being developed and signposted at 1km and 1-mile intervals.

Simon Barry

Consultant in General and Respiratory Medicine

Promotion of Cycling

Plans to make a high-quality promotional video on the benefits of cycling.