Clinical Services Plan – Internal Engagement

Clinical Services Plan – Staff Engagement

We want to put our staff at the forefront of establishing ambitious plans to meet the changing demands on the services that we will provide during the coming years. 

The demands on our services are changing. We care for an ever growing population with an increasing proportion of people who are ageing or very young, and rely most heavily on healthcare. At the same time, the number of medical innovations is increasing.

We have developed a draft Strategic Clinical Services Plan 2019 – 2029, which brings together a number of existing and emerging programmes of work to address these changes, and ensure that we are fit for the future.

We believe that through implementing this plan, we will deliver better patient outcomes, better patient satisfaction, better value and better satisfaction for the teams of people working for the Health Board.

You are the experts. As the people who will be delivering these services we want you to test our thinking, impart your knowledge, and share your ideas so that together we can establish and implement a plan that will deliver the best possible services for years to come.

Please view the following range of resources, including our draft Clinical Services Plan, and share your views on our proposals by completing our survey.