Building Our Future Workforce

We’re changing the way that we build and support our workforce at Cardiff and Vale UHB by focussing on our values. 

The right people, the right skills with the right values.


What We’re Doing

We’re re-framing our recruitment and appraisal processes in a different way, ensuring that they’re firmly focused more upon the values and behaviours of the individual, and that conversations are open, positive and honest.

Employing the right people and supporting and encouraging our staff to explore their career potential is important to allow us to develop a workforce that is sustainable and fit for the future as the way we deliver care changes. 

It’s all about the right people, in the right roles, with the right values.

Our staff are our most important asset, and as an organisation we want to develop and nurture staff with the skills and confidence to live up to our values every day.

How To Get Involved

Values Based Recruitment

Values-Based Recruitment became the Cardiff & Vale way to recruit in June 2019.

We trained managers on the new process from early 2018 before making it available to all.

Values Based Appraisals

Our new Values-Based Appraisals launched on the 10th June 2019.

Values Based Appraisals replaced our existing PADR process in some areas from that date. We’re rolling it out to a small test group, but any member of staff can request to attend training or take part before it’s implemented across the health board.

Find information about training here.

Contact Us For Training!

 If you’d like any more information about the new appraisals or recruitment process, email LED at

Values-Based Appraisals at Cardiff and Vale UHB are…