Amplify 2025

Amplify 2025

We’re inviting colleagues from across the health and care system in Cardiff and Vale to come together to share their ideas about culture and leadership transformation – because we’re Shaping Our Future Wellbeing, together.
About Amplify 2025
The health and care system isn’t limited to the primary and secondary services within Cardiff and Vale University Health Board; it stretches far into the community and includes local authorities, emergency services, the third sector and other public bodies.

Amplify 2025 is a programme of events that seek to break down organisational barriers and bring representatives from across that system together with a shared vision of improvement. We want to learn from each other and share ideas for a whole-systems approach to culture and leadership transformation.

A person’s chance of leading a healthy life should be the same, no matter who they are. With Amplify 2025, we’re ensuring that we all work in the same direction to allow us to achieve our vision. It’s all about ‘caring for people, keeping people well’ – and ensuring that we do that together, with a shared sense of momentum.

How To Get Involved

The launch event took place in July 2019 in July. Our next events will be bigger and will include an increasing number of colleagues as the months go by. We want to ensure that the immersive message of Shaping Our Future Wellbeing can be experienced by many more people.

Amplify 2025 is an opportunity to be part of the change happening across the Cardiff and Vale health and care system. Let’s work together shape the future of its culture and leadership for those who matter most: patients.