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Colleagues from across the health board met at University Hospital of Wales yesterday for ‘An Introduction to Health Pathways’.

Presented by Cardiff and Vale UHB in partnership with Streamliners, the New Zealand-based creator of Health Pathways, together with South Tyneside CCG, who were early adopters of the platform, the series of talks demonstrated the potential scope of the digital platform and outlined its implementation at the health board. 

The first talk was given by Andy Froggatt, Chief HealthPathways Implementation Advisor at Steamliners, who introduced the room to how Canterbury DHB were able to create a more joined-up system with the platform. His main message was “for the system to work, we need the whole system to work”; engagement is important.

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Next, Mark Girvan from South Tyneside CCG took the floor to describe how the health board is faring as an early adopter of Health Pathways, and shared his successes and areas of learning to date.

Finally, the room heard from Dr Maria Dyban, Lead Clinical Editor of Health Pathways and local GP, who described how enjoyable it was working with secondary care colleagues to co-produce information and “provide the right information at the right time”.  One such colleague, Dr Vinay Eligar, then described the high quality and highly specialised nature of the content that was being created, but noted that more subject matter experts were needed to better enable the imminent whole systems change.

“Health Pathways is the tool that will enable change, but the workforce is the driving force behind it”

Dr Sharon Hopkins
Executive Director of Transformation at Cardiff and Vale UHB

The session concluded with a question and answer session, covering areas including whether social prescribing and social care were an important part of the development of the pathways, which was confirmed.

The closing remarks focused upon how Health Pathways was a work in progress; the inaugural pathways that are available for use by clinicians help to demonstrate the effectiveness of the system, but the next phase is about developing that further and recruiting more subject matter experts. It’s all about supporting patients as a multidisciplinary team and enabling better communication between primary and secondary care.

Read more about Health Pathways here

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